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Calendar of Events

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The Israel Action Center (IAC) empowers the community by training and mobilizing grass-roots activists to speak out for Israel. We advocate for support of Israel to political leaders and the media, and educate our regional community through regular briefings and programs.

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View pictures and videos from the Israel Action Center's recent events by  clicking here. 

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Talk Israel 2016


The Israel Action Center at the JCRC provides different ways for the Jewish Community of Greater Washington to learn about and engage with Israel.

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The IAC provides written advocacy materials, specialized trainings, speakers, program and networking opportunities for both Jewish and non-Jewish communities. For more information, click here.

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Promote political activism in support of Israel on the local, state, and federal levels as well as coordinate responses to media and public events.

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The IAC organizes local programs to raise awareness about Israeli and international current events, politics and social issues. For a listing of upcoming events and programs, see the top of this page.

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Serve as a trusted source of information on Israel for media,officials, and business and civic leaders.


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1) STAY INFORMED                                                                                                   8076-200.png

Stay up-to-date on events in Israel through timely information on our website and IAC programs. The IAC staff can speak to your congregation or community about Israel advocacy, current events, Israeli politics, or Israel in the media.

2) LOBBY ELECTED OFFICIALS                                                                                                                   lobbying-clipart-aa713f_d794fae59ef04f88aa81a26b9532d397.gif

Be sure that your elected officals hear your articulate, well-reasoned points of view. Hearing from constituents helps convince an elected official of the merits of a point of view, as well as the breadth of support for it.

social-media-campaign_318-64479.png3) USE SOCIAL MEDIA 

Show your support for Israel by sharing accurate information with your friends and peers.

Social Media provides you multiple venues through which you can show your support for Israel. Using this medium allows you to share accurate information about Israel with your friends and peers.

free-newspaper-clipart-1.jpg4) COMBAT BIAS IN THE MEDIA

Counter unfair, biased reporting by writing letters to the editor, contacting radio and TV stations, and emailing online outlets.

purchase-clipart-cliparti1_purchase-clip-art_01.jpg5) BUY ISRAELI PRODUCTS

Buy Israeli products to demonstrate your support for the Israeli economy and the people of Israel.

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To submit an upcoming Israel related program or event to be listed on our website, click here.

For more information on these or any other of our Israel advocacy activities, contact Alexis Schwartz at or (301) 770-0881.