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Calendar of Events
Calendar of Events

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JCRC works in partnership with school districts throughout our region to help ensure a welcoming 
environment where students of all backgrounds can receive a top quality education. 


Holiday Calendar

Annually updated Holiday Calendars listing major public and religious observances
for planning the upcoming school year, including events for Christian, Jewish,
Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and other faiths.  Available in hard copy and electronically,
the calendars provide guidance and advice in planning major events and avoiding
holiday conflicts. (Back to top)

2012- 490 sm.JPG Guidelines to Religion in Public Schools 

Our Guidelines to Religion in Public Schools provide the most recent court guidance
on separation of church and state in a practical format to help address educators’
classroom concerns.  Topics include: holiday concerts, use of religious symbols,
teacher's religious expression rights, equal access for religious groups and clubs,
prayer at school events, religious garb and religious topics in school.  
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Holocaust Survivors' Speakers Bureau

The JCRC offers a Holocaust Survivors’ Speakers’ Bureau arranging for survivors
to share their living testimony with students in the classroom.   The JCRC provides supplemental material for teachers to prepare students for before, during and after
these visits.  Contact us to make arrangements. (Back to top)

2013 MD Social Studies Conference

Briefings for Educators

Briefings for Educators on Judaism and Jewish Life Cycle Events are conducted in
counties throughout our region.  These sessions have received excellent feedback
from teachers as a stimulating and hands-on opportunities to learn more about
another culture and better address the needs of diverse students in their classes.  
In some instances, educators may receive professional development credit for their effort. (Back to top) 


Curriculum Review

Working with the Institute for Curriculum Services (ICS), the JCRC provides assistance
to Maryland, D.C. and Virginia Boards of Education during social studies curriculum reviews as they address 
areas of JCRC expertise, including: Jews & Judaism, Israel
in the Middle East, immigration and the Holocaust. The JCRC also assists school
districts in text book reviews and recommended revisions as needed. (Back to top) 

JCRC on the regs for religious freedom

Parents' Primer: Navigating Religious Pluralism in Schools

Parents' Primer: Navigating Religious Pluralism in Schools is a workshop for parents
to become best advocates for their students in public schools with briefings from
the JCRC, the Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA) and the Partnership for Jewish
Life & Learning (PJLL).

View the PRIMER TOOLKIT here: briefing slides, videos of JCRC's briefing on
guidelines for religious expression in public schools
JSSA's anti-bullying briefing
PJLL's component on a proud Jewish identity, and Q & A from a recent program; as
well as our additional weblinks for school regulations and anti-bullying resources. 
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tolerance sm.jpeg

Community Incidents

The JCRC helps parents, schools and administrators respond to incidents ranging
from scheduling conflicts with religious observances to incidents of intolerance or
bullying.  It is our belief that through joint cooperative outreach activities and training,
we can reduce the incidence of intolerance and misunderstanding. (Back to top) 

Picture 216 sm.jpg

Public Education Advocacy

 Public Education Advocacy is an important component of our legislative platform
each year on the federal, state and local levels.  JCRC welcomes an opportunity to
partner with your representatives in Richmond. (Back to top)