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Holocaust Speaker Opportunities

At the JCRC of Greater Washington our work of remembrance, education, and advocacy for Holocaust survivors is a year-round commitment.

Holocaust survivors in the Greater Washington area have long volunteered to share their personal stories with members of the community.  These important and inspiring stories are shared with schools, youth and community organizations, faith congregations, and business, civic and governmental groups. 

As our population of Holocaust survivors continues to dwindle and lack of awareness about the Shoah continues to escalate, especially among young people, it is more critical than ever to maintain and expand Holocaust education in our region. In recent years, the children and grandchildren of survivors have been stepping up to share remarkable stories of their families’ remarkable legacies, and  to remind us that effects of genocide can last for many generations.

In 2022, the JCRC launched a new program to provide training and support to the children of survivors who wish to serve as volunteer speakers in classrooms and other settings. 

Those who grew up with Holocaust survivor parents or grandparents have a unique story to share. Some speak about their parents’ Holocaust experiences; a few have memorialized the stories in publications. Our trained descendant speakers share their experiences about what it was like growing up as a child of survivors and the impact it has had on their lives.