JCRC and JFGW Antisemitism Toolkit

Understanding Antisemitism 

ADL | Antisemitism Uncovered: A Guide to Old Myths in a New Era: A comprehensive resource from the ADL with historical context, fact-based descriptions of prevalent antisemitic myths, contemporary examples and calls to action for addressing this hate.

My Jewish Learning | Antisemitism & Bigotry Archives: An “Antisemitism 101” guide that details the historical manifestations of antisemitism in Europe, the Muslim world and the United States.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum | Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial: An extensive guide with information on the roots of antisemitism, its pre-Holocaust evolution, a glossary of Neo-Nazi terms and symbols, and a podcast archive offering a broad range of perspectives about antisemitism and hatred. 

AJC | Translate Hate: A guide to identifying antisemitic rhetoric in the digital age and how to make positive change.

UC Berkley Center for Jewish Studies | Antisemitism In our Midst; Past and Present: An 11-minute film charting antisemitism from its origins until the present day that also includes thought-provoking discussion questions for a more intense conversation.

Talking about and Responding to Antisemitsm 


Resources for Parents and Young Children 

How To Talk to Kids About Antisemitism and Why It's Important: Parents Magazine online provides this articles with Facts About Antisemitism, Specific Issues for Jewish Parents, How Non-Jewish Parents Can Help and How We Can All Fight Anitsemitism. 


Nickelodeon and USC Shoah Foundation | Parents’ and Caregivers’ Guide to Countering Antisemitism: A guide with tools, tips and language parents need to talk with their children about the discrimination and hate directed at Jews. It also provides simple, but significant, action steps families can take together to  create a more inclusive world.  


The National Child Traumatic Stress Network | Talking To Children About Hate Crimes And Antisemitism: The NCTSN’s brief guide offers strategies for how adults can talk to children who experience fear, anxiety, worry, confusion, and have thoughts that the world is not safe. 


PJ Library | How to Talk to Children About Antisemitism: Book and story recommendations for parents on how to discuss antisemitism in an open and honest way. 

Resources for Teens and Adults 

Southern Poverty Law Center | Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry: A list of scenarios and suggested responses when encountering bigotry or hate speech in a contemporary setting. 

ADL at Work | Challenging Antisemitism and Bias in the Workplace: A guide to preventing antisemitism and bias in the workplace and promoting inclusive work cultures where all employees can thrive. 


Shine A Light | Let’s Create a Safe and Inclusive Workplace for All: A vast assortment of fact sheets, videos, webinars and other resources to help organizations, companies, institutions and individuals to unite in shining a light on antisemitism in all its modern forms.  


AJC | 10 Tough Questions on Antisemitism Explained: Answering difficult questions about Jewish hatred and attacks against Israel, with a focus on how anti-Jewish rhetoric by famous individuals has complicated matters. 


AJC | 14 Essential and Timely Resources on Antisemitism for American Jews and Allies of the Jewish Community: A suite of resources and action items to help those inside and outside the Jewish community better understand and combat the antisemitic hatred on display in American society.

For Schools and Teachers: Curriculum and Resources

Institute for Curriculum Services: Provides curricula and professional development to social studies educators with the goal of strengthening the quality of K-12 education on Jewish subjects for all. 


Facing History and Ourselves | The Roots and Impact of Antisemitism: Engages students of diverse backgrounds in an examination of racism, prejudice, and antisemitism in order to promote the development of a more humane and informed citizenry. 


ADL: Resources for Educators, Parents & Families on Cyberbullying, No Place for Hate, A Classroom of Difference. Literature, Lessons Plans and Other Resources. 


UNESCO | Addressing Antisemitism in Schools: Training Curriculum for Primary Education Teachers: An A-to-Z teachers guide for addressing antisemitism in primary education. 


PBS Teachers Lounge } 10 Tips for Teaching About the Holocaust: Organized and actionable guide for teaching about the Holocaust regardless of experience level. 


Teach the Shoah: Recommended lesson plans for teachers, storytelling projects for students and recommended books broken down by grade level. 


Share my Lesson | Antisemitism and Addressing Hate: Lesson Plans and Resources: A series of lesson plans and webinars for teaching about antisemitism.  


Echoes and Reflections | Gringlas Unit on Contemporary Antisemitism: Lesson plan for anyone looking to teach teens or adults about antisemitism in the post Holocaust era. 

Advocacy Resources

Scholastic | Be Your Child’s Advocate : An advocacy guide for parents whose children are having problems in a school setting. 

Noodle | The Polite Way to Advocate for Your Kids at School: An advocacy guide for parents seeking to empower their children to become upstanders.

Keshet | 7 Jewish Values for Social Action: A guide for parents seeking to empower their kids through the adoption of Jewish values within the educational field. 

Other Resources 

The U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism: The White House’s comprehensive plan, released in May 2023, includes measures by federal agencies and calls to action focused on four pillars: raising awareness, improving security, reversing normalization and building intergroup solidarity. 


Combating Antisemitism in Virginia: The final report of the Commission to Combat Antisemitism, established by Gov. Glenn Youngkin, includes 21 recommendations to stop hatred and bigotry and turn divisiveness into tolerance and unity. 


AJC | The State of Antisemitism in America 2022: The annual survey of American Jews and the general public indicates that Jewish people feel less safe and are tragically changing certain habits to avoid being identified as Jewish in public. 


Project Shema: An independent nonprofit organization that trains and supports the Jewish community and allies to understand and address contemporary antisemitism, with an emphasis on how anti-Jewish ideas can emerge in progressive spaces and in discourse around Israel and Palestine. 



**Prepared by the JCRC of Greater Washington, July 2023