Inter-Group Relations

The JCRC is the Jewish community’s central voice for relationship building between Jews and other faith, ethnic, and minority groups in the Greater Washington, DC region. We work in and assume a leading role in broad coalitions that foster greater mutual respect and strengthen the fabric of our local community.

What We Do

The JCRC educates the clergy and lay leadership of faith communities throughout our region about the Jewish faith, community, history, and experience.

The JCRC is a leading participant in the Montgomery County Faith Community Advisory Council, the Fairfax County Interfaith Committee, and the InterFaith Council of Metropolitan Washington, and other coalitions. These critical groups provide a powerful framework for people of all faiths to come together to respond to communal challenges and nurture a more respectful and just society.

Our partners include leadership from mosques, churches, temples, gurdwaras, and synagogues of all denominations. In times of celebration and times of need we work together to build a stronger more vibrant community. Our carefully nurtured relationships allow us to be present for all faith communities when needed.

For more information about JCRC's Inter-group Relations, please email Rabbi Abbi.