Local Advocacy

The JCRC of Greater Washington's is the chief government advocate and community relations resource for our Jewish community. We partner with local and state organizations to reach out to government officials to advance the legislative agenda of our community in the Greater Washington area. 

What We Do

The JCRC partners with local and state organization to reach out to government officials at the federal, state, and local levels to advance the Jewish community’s legislative priorities. We provide opportunities for community members to meet with and engage with elected officials. We assist local organizations, agencies, and synagogues in securing government funding.

The JCRC convenes programs on selected issues of concern to our community, including security briefings and candidate forums.

The JCRC convenes and mobilizes the Jewish community to make their voices heard on issues of importance to both the Jewish and broader community. We frequently lead and participate in rallies, demonstrations, and other actions to speak out on issues of critical importance. We mobilize synagogues, organizations, and community members to live out Jewish and American values through civic activism.

The JCRC serves as the chief public face and voice of the organized Jewish community in our nation’s capital, articulating our collective policy priorities and values to government officials, coalition partners, and the media.

Local Advocacy News

Each year the JCRC advocates for and secures state and county funding to support Jewish social service and educational institutions that reach tens of thousands of Jews and non-Jews residing in our region. This year alone, the JCRC secured over $3.6 million for Jewish organizations from the states of Maryland and Virginia.

In 2018, JCRC also advocated on a wide range of issues of importance to the local Jewish community and our interfaith and community partners, including:

  • Expanding Medicaid in Virginia 
  • Keeping dangerous weapons out of houses of worship 
  • Providing support for Holocaust survivors  
  • Protection for victims of domestic violence  
  • Funding for our public and private day schools  
  • Combating bias of all forms and expanding hate crimes protections

Virginia Post-Session conference call