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Racial Justice Resources for Our Community

Racism’s horrific scope is plain for all to see. From COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on communities of color, to the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor by police officers, recent tragedies have sparked widespread pain and anger and a heightened urgency around these issues. We are obligated to work together to address the dehumanization of a group of people in the form of systemic racism. Among the many who now step forward in solidarity are countless Jews, representing synagogues and other Jewish institutions, who understand that we have sacred difficult work to do together. 

To help us renew and deepen our commitment to the Black community as well as support Jews of Color; specifically Black Jews, the JCRC of Greater Washington has created a resource list – for learning and self-examination around explicit and implicit racism, and for taking concrete anti-racist action to advance justice and equity in our society.  Whether you are a seasoned social justice activist or are delving into this work for the first time, the JCRC is here to support you, and help you create a plan of action that works for your institution, synagogue, group, or family.  


No two synagogues, institutions, schools, or families are the same.

We suggest the following key questions as a starting point in this process:

  • How can I build bridges, foster a sense of welcoming and belonging, and engage Jews of Color, both within my institution and beyond, in this process?
  • How can I/we work together to dismantle systems of racism?
    • Further learning regarding racism and addressing power and privilege 
    • Improving internal self-awareness and conducting a self-audit of our institution
    • Legislative activism to further social change  
    • Deepening ties to faith communities of color and embracing and building bridges with Jews of Color
  • Which specific demographic(s) within my institution do I wish to further engage?
  • Which education and engagement platforms are likely to be the most successful in connecting to that demographic? 
  • Which sources will have the most resonance for my institution?  
  • Have I set realistic, achievable goals for this initiative, and do I have stakeholder support for those goals?

JCRC Webinar Programs on Racial Justice

Legislative Action

Local Resources

Criminal Justice Reform

Economic Equity and Justice




DC Statehood

Voting Rights

Racial Justice in Education

These texts can be used to start a conversation about race and equity. They focus on people being created in the image of God and the universal need for justice.


Reading lists




For more information on these issues and to get involved with the JCRC please follow this link and complete the form.


This toolkit was compiled by JCRC staff in response to community requests for information and guidance on discussing racism and building an anti-racist Jewish community. This is not an exhaustive list and does not constitute endorsement. We will continue to cultivate this list as new items are created and shared. We welcome suggestions for adding to this toolkit.