Talking about the Israel-Hamas War

We are all hurting as a global Jewish community. Many of us are compelled to talk about what is happening, but we don’t necessarily know how. 

Before you start a conversation consider the following:

  • Decide whether the conversation is even worth having; consider if you want to learn why 
    your friend feels the way he/she does; do you want to change his/her mind? 
  • Remember that not everyone will be willing to have a conversation. It is completely ok to 
    walk away from those situations. Without a baseline of mutual agreement, it may not be 
    worth even starting the conversation. (i.e. if they can’t agree that 1300 slaughtered 
    Israelis is horrific, don’t even begin a conversation.)
  • Your physical and emotional safety are always the most important things!
  • Personal experiences and feelings speak louder than facts. Think about how your 
    Jewish and/or Israel connection can humanize the issue.

Tips for Social Media 
Social Media can be a great place to come together, find information and discuss conflict.
However, it can also be a space where you feel the most fatigue and anxiety.

  • Post infographics but be mindful of the sourcing and language used. Use your 
    resources and the opinions you have formed to decide if this is something you really 
    want to share. 
  • Engage in online conversations with people about how their posts made you feel if 
    you feel like you can handle it. 
  • Look inward and decide how much mental power you are willing to contribute to the 
    conversation before engaging. 

What to do
You may be feeling helpless right now and that is ok but other than talking about the conflict 
here are some concrete things you can do to help support Israel.

  • Write letters of comfort and support to Israeli soldiers and families of Israeli soldiers.
  • Write letters to local representatives/senators, thanking them for their support of Israel and asking for their continued support.
  • Advocate for Israel, and tell your federal, state, and local elected officials and representatives to support Israel. 
  • Organize or attend community and school solidarity events. Visit our page here to learn about events happening in the community.
  • Organize fundraisers for gift packages to soldiers, for relief to those who have been evacuated from their homes (Kibbutz Beeri, Sderot, etc.), or other worthy causes 
    such as Magen David Adom, etc.
  • Light a yahrzeit candle for those who have fallen, and light an extra candle on Shabbat for the hostages being held captive by Hamas in Gaza.
  • Donate to organizations in need or encourage your parents to donate. Here is a link to the Jewish Federation's Emergency Israel Fund.

The following social media accounts and organizations offer a range of perspectives on the Israel-Hamas war. This is not an exhaustive list. The JCRC does not endorse the positions of any of the individuals and organizations listed and offers this for information purposes 

Information about the war

Identifying and responding to misconceptions

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You are not alone. We are a strong, united Jewish community and we are here for one another at this really difficult time. If you are feeling overwhelmed or attacked, ask for help. Identify either trusted adults or friends that you can confide in and who can back you up in your conversations with others. The JCRC is always happy to be a resource.