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View Live: Yom Ha'Shoah Commemoration

Watch the community-wide commemoration online at 1 PM on Sunday, April 11, 2021 to honor the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust and of the survivors and liberators among us. We are honored to welcome Elisha Wiesel, son of Elie Wiesel, as our keynote speaker.

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JCRC 2021 Annual Meeting

Join us for our JCRC 2021 Annual Meeting with Keynote Speaker Rabbi Lauren Tuchman, one of American Jewry’s most innovative spiritual leaders and a powerful advocate for inclusion of Jews with disabilities in all aspects of Jewish life. 


2020 Celebration

2020 Celebration

Thank you to the hundreds of community members who joined us online on September 9th to celebrate with the JCRC. Our heartfelt appreciation to our supporters. Visit our 2020 Celebration page to view our digital ad book, Celebration program, and more.

2020 Celebration

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Listen, Learn, & Act - Anti-racism Toolkit

Racism’s horrific scope is plain for all to see. Recent tragedies have sparked widespread pain and anger and a heightened urgency around these issues. Whether you are a seasoned social justice activist or are delving into this work for the first time, the JCRC is here to support you, and help you create a plan of action.

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$8,000,000 government funding for community security & social services

5,000 students and teachers met with a holocaust survivor

700 students trained to advocate for Israel

When a colleague compared a mental health bill to the Holocaust, Shane Pendergrass interrupted him

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington in a statement called Cox’s comparison “unconscionable.”

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On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Lawmaker’s Comments Draw Fire

Ronald Halber, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington, slammed the Republican lawmaker for his remarks. “To compare the experience of American children seeking mental health services to children who endured unspeakable suffering and torture in concentration camps and other hells created by the Nazi regime is unconscionable,” he said in a statement. “Jewish children did not receive medical treatment by Nazi doctors — they were victims of gruesome and often deadly medical experiments and other horrific crimes against humanity that were painstakingly documented during the Nuremberg Trials. The children tortured by monsters like Dr. Joseph Mengele were not victimized because their parents lacked ‘parental rights’ — but rather because they were Jews and members of other persecuted minority groups,” he added. Halber called on House leaders to “condemn this offensive comparison and to hold Delegate Cox responsible for his reprehensible remarks on this sacred day.”

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GOP lawmaker marks Holocaust remembrance day by likening child mental health bill to Nazi lawsFairfax Co. school board considers new calendar to address learning loss from pandemic

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington in a statement called the comparison “unconscionable.” “Delegate Cox’s words are an insult to the thousands of mental health providers throughout the State of Maryland and are part of a disturbing pattern of public officials using Holocaust and Nazi analogies for political ends,” the statement said. “The JCRC calls on the Maryland House of Delegates to condemn this offensive comparison and to hold Delegate Cox responsible for his reprehensible remarks on this sacred day.”

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